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About our Speaker

Os Guinness, 

Our keynote speaker, is an author and social critic, who has written or edited more than 30 books which offer valuable insight into the cultural, political and spiritual societies in which we all live. He is that quiet, convincing voice who points us back to our faith, the value of freedom, the power of truth and reason and the necessity of civility and peace. Alongside international leaders and speakers, he has led efforts to challenge and influence the minds and hearts of the people to understand our personal responsibility and the power we have to preserve these freedoms around the world.

In his book, Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization, he argues that Christians are the “impossible people” who are full of courage, mercy, and faith in challenging times. Few calls for Christian courage are more timely, resolute or hopeful!

Join us on May 6th for a renewing challenge and a critical time of prayer for our nation, its leaders, and our religious freedom.

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